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The Basic Principles of Website Design

Website design can be a very complicated endeavor. There is more to it than just placing all types of content and backgrounds into web pages and then feeding them into the World Wide Web. Oftentimes, the downfall of a certain site is due to poor design and minimal optimization. We are now at an age where the internet is becoming a part of everybody's life. We shop online, we communicate with family and friends online, we do business online, and for some of us, we make our incomes online. For us to be able to accomplish these things, we are often dealing with lots and lots of websites. It is no secret that we often judge the websites we use by how they were designed. We make use more of the sites that we find attractively-designed and less of the sites that we think have lousy designs.

With that said, here are the most basic principles of website design. You have to follow and apply them if you want more people to be attracted and ultimately use your website.

    • You must have a very clear purpose in mind before you even start designing and writing code. What are your goals for the website? What do you aim to accomplish? Are you going to use it for business? Are you intending it for mere personal use? Are you going to use the website for a long term or is there a time period fixed to it? You need to consider all these things before you start designing. There is nothing more frustrating when you finish your website design only to find out that it's not congruent to your goals or mission.


    • Determine your intended or targeted audience. For whom is your website? Is it for kids, for teens, for men in their late 30's, for pregnant women, for gays and lesbians, for retired army personnel, etc.? You have to clearly identify who your audience are. For instance, if you're designing a website for kids, then the design will probably involve lots of photos of rainbows and butterflies. You cannot do the same if you're designing a website for, say, boxing or MMA fans.


    • Design a very well-structured site. Well-structured means it's organized, straightforward, easy to the eyes, uncluttered, and it communicates what the site is all about.


    • The site has to be easy to navigate. Getting from one site section to another should be a breeze.

These are the most basic principles surrounding website design. If you miss even one of them, your website will be flawed. Contact us for a free website evaluation and see where you can improve your website design.



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