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5 Essential Website Design and Development Tips

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in website design is to think it will work and generate traffic all on its own. It is like any other marketing tool you use on an everyday basis. It needs weekly or daily revision and revitalising. Your website is your online presence and your signature statement in the World Wide Web – you cannot wink in the dark because nobody can as you doing it. Get out there and make yourself and your company known by using these 5 essential tips for website design and website development:

    • Interesting Content: do not overdo the website design otherwise it will overshadow what you are trying to present which is your business. A mistake or two in design can be attended to, but sloppy content is remembered;


    • Site Map: a site map is such a useful tool when you go onto a website, and nobody wants to click through a whole lot of other pages before they get to what they are looking for. Having a user-friendly site map makes all the difference and shows your customers you are organized. Site maps are also incredibly useful when it comes to the Search Engines, as it helps them to index all the pages on your site;


    • Contact Information: this should be clearly displayed, even highlighted so that it is easily found. It proclaims to the world that you are what you say you are and it underlines your credibility. It tells the world you are at that address and not some fly-by-night operator – very important website design element. Your contact details should be displayed prominently on every page of your site so that it is easy for your prospects to get hold of you;


    • Consistency: Because the design of your website is a showcase of your brand, maintain the same colour scheme as you have on your corporate stationery. Customers feel good when they see things looking the same and matching up, and it encourages them to investigate further. Make sure that the images and headings of each section match up. It makes the whole presentation look neater and smarter, and customers like smart companies;


    • Special Effects: In website design special effects can often be used to get your attention, but then they carry on all over the website and you end up confused and not finding what you are looking for. Too many flashes, moving images, text changes gives the customer a headache. You want him to feel that he is looking at a well-laid out, professional website which reflects your company’s personality.

When you are deciding on your website development and design, remember to keep the overall impression simple and easy to read. Search engines have tools called ‘spiders’ which go through many website pages and sort them into indexes. If there are too many broken links and the web page takes too long to load, it loses its place in the indexing system. So when someone searches for what you do, your website comes up near the bottom. In the meantime, the customer has gotten bored and moved on – no one has time to waste these days.

Website design and development needs careful thought and clever planning. Be at the top of your game and get it done by experts, with your learned input of course.




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