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Logo Design Oversights

There are many individuals (and companies) who don’t take logo design seriously, who are not willing to pay a designer to get a good and worthy design. A logo is the face of your brand, and this alone should make it one of the most important features in your business! Yes there are tons of online services (including free ones) that will help you build-your-own-logo in a few minutes, regardless of your artistic skills and yes it is fast (and sometimes even FREE!). But if you are serious about your business – don’t take your logo for granted.

The best approach to differentiate a high class or low class company can be made just by looking at their logos. A high quality company logo will give an appealing look, whilst the logo of a low status venture will give an awkward impression. Some companies choose not to have a logo designed at all, in the hope of saving costs.

Following are some common logo design errors which occur with new/start-up businesses. If you want to create a good impression amongst your clients, get yourself a professional logo designed and avoid these costly mistakes:

    • Logo may have designed by a 'non-professional'
      Some companies opt for getting a logo designed from an amateur, a friend or relative who claims to know a little about graphic design, who does it as a favor. Unprofessional logo design can get you into a position were you have to redo your logo. Logo design must take into consideration the placement and position of images in a logo, or those images can adversely affect the effectiveness of your logo.


    • Try to curtail the financial budget at the cost of a customized logo design
      In order to save some money, some companies opt to use a template-based logo. Sure, you can add in your own tagline and change the colors, but the design is not going to be unique to you and may look similar to John Doe’s.This obviously poses a risk of your clients getting your company confused with that of John Doe.


    • Providing the logo design job to a cheap company
      In case you decide to give the task to an online company for a cheaper rate, bear in mind that you may get a logo, but it could still result in disaster. If your logo looks amateurish, then so will your business. The saying "you get what you pay for" is true.


    • Giving too much priority to your own preferences
      A professional logo designer will have been taught the fundamentals of logo design. One such fundamental is keep your logo simple. Don’t overcomplicate it with too many design elements that nobody can understand what the actual message is. A designer will know how to define the most appropriate colours, fonts and design for your business, to ensure a memorable and lasting design.

Get you own unique brand identity customized and created by Creative Designs today. Ensure that your business logo inspires confidence and brand loyalty in the eyes of your customers. Get your company logo design now! Contact Creative Designs.



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