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The Importance of Good Web Banner Design

Website banner design is of prime important when trying to build up a business by using the internet to get your goods or products seen and used by new clients. In search engine optimization techniques, most experienced advertisers know how to place and position their adverts and websites so that they are seen and accessed first by interested parties. Another winning way to get more traffic to your website is to use the Pay per Click method, where you pay another website a fee every time your ad is clicked. But it appears that users are becoming more interested and attracted to an engaging, simple banner that grabs their attention.

When designing a banner to advertise your website, the two most important aspects to get right are the way it looks and where it is placed on the host website. Use a clever, hard hitting headline which will interest viewers at once in clicking onto your page to find out more information about your product or service. The optimum number of words to use to get attention is between three to seven – these will pique the attention of web surfers who are looking for what you are offering. In considering the actual size of your banner advert, bear in mind that the ones that are smaller and load quicker are better, more effective and much better than waiting for something big and boring to download. By the time that happens, you have already found out what you wanted to know from the more efficient and compact smaller banner ad.

Many surveys carried out in the field of website banner design have confirmed that web banners which load faster and are of a reasonable size have a much higher click through rate than the larger ones trying to cram too much information into too little space. Animated web banners designed with the help of flashing technology work better if the moving animation moves horizontally in the same direction as our eye reads, which makes it easier to read. These flash technologies create a lot of interest, but do they sustain the interest while the potential visitor has to wait for the advert to load? I somehow don’t think so - not these days when people are in such a rush to get information right at their finger tips. Banners are obviously designed with the end result uppermost in your mind. There are so many different types of technology out there to enable people to design their very own individual creation exactly to their specifications. So there is actually no excuse for mediocrity.

The position of your website banner has to be carefully considered when you get it designed. The position makes a big difference to whether the banner performs well or not. Sometimes having the banner at the top of the page is the most effective position, while others get more clicks appearing within the body of the host page. If you prefer a really big banner so that you can make a bold statement, then those are said to perform best at the bottom of the page. Overall, any website banner is a very effective marketing tool in using SEO techniques properly as they have a high CTR (click through rate) averaging about 25%, which is really worth it when compared to plain text adverts. Just pay attention to the importance of how it is designed.



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